Weekly Customer Reviews

Love the IRL Level 3 helmet! Mine came quickly, just in time for my party ;) Thanks!

Jason Hale

My keychains arrived quickly! Love em, I collect keychains so this site was perfect for me!

Ashley Leretta

Love the desk mats, smooth, accuraute, non slip back makes it perfect for gaming

Thomas Phillips

My ghillie suit arrived just in time for my paint ball match!!! Getting the Level 3 helmet next ;) !!!!!!

Author's name

Ordered 3 hoodies, one for me, a friend and another for my girlfirend! They are fuzzy, warm, and soft, the material is top notch and the image isnt just pasted on like vinyl, it's actually embedded into the fabric. It's the type of hoodie that doesnt fade in the wash. Good on you! Good quality products, a++++

Henry Palance